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Make Your Move Sustainable & Save Money! 2017-01-29T00:22:54+00:00

Make Your Move Sustainable & Save Money!

A commercial move affords your company an excellent opportunity to save our environment.

  • Purge all product that is outdated and need not be moved with a company that specializes in recycling. This effort alone will save money on move costs.
  • Shred all confidential documents with a shred company that recycles the paper.
  • Use plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes. Using crates verses boxes has been proven to save your company 15% to 20% of labor costs associated with the move.
  • Dispose of all equipment with a “raw” recycler who will use the copper, metal, glass, plastic etc. for new product.
  • Use a liquidator that will re-use all of your furniture.
  • Donate any remaining furniture possible to charitable organizations.
  • Donate books etc. associated with libraries to educational institutions.