Founded in 2009 by Kathleen Rowell, American Moving & Installation, Inc. is a 100% Woman Owned Union Commercial Moving Company servicing the Greater Boston area.

We are a certified WBE with the Supplier Diversity Office, contracted with the Teamster Local Union No.25 & Honored to be awarded Statewide Contract FAC96.

Our Client Commitment

To provide the best commercial and installation move services in the market with a hand selected, diverse workforce, a “hands-on” management team, a best practices agenda for all our moves, competitive pricing and an attitude for success.

Professional Presentation

Management Attendance at All Times

Supervised Workforce

Accurate and Detailed Quotes

Utilize Best Practices

Efficient Work Flow

Ability to Adapt to Any Change Order

Comprehensive Invoice Review

American Moving & Installation Team

Kathleen Rowell
Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Ron Thorne
General Manager

David DeSisto

Dave Hasenfuss
Logistics Coordinator


Sian Strobridge
Project Coordinator

Betsy Howley
Accounting Manager

Scott Savoy

Lauren McClellan
Marketing & Business Development


100% Woman Owned
SDO Massachusetts Certified
Union Moving Company
Local 25 Union Affiliation
Experienced Management Team
Local & Long Distance Capabilities

We have a pet friendly office.


Commercial Office Moving
Institutional Moving
Move Management
Packing / Unpacking
IT Processes

An Organized and Systematic Approach.

  • Provide all city permits and licenses required
  • Supply experienced, professional on site move managers
  • Employ specialists for computer disconnect/reconnect, packing, etc…
  • Provide a professional, experienced and uniformed moving crew
  • Ensure the move crew has state of the art equipment

  • Take care of post move services as needed
  • Stay within your budget!
  • Provide you a detailed invoice
  • Join your team and commit to your goals!
  • Provide an accurate and detailed quote for your move
  • Attend all pre-move meetings
  • Conduct employee seminars as needed

  • Procure multiple options for product liability coverage

  • Design a move schedule
  • Help with numbering and color coding
  • Offer associated “Best in Market” vendors (Liquidators, etc…)

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